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Sometimes words come easy and sometimes they don't.
I look back at my neglected blog and vow to blog more often.
It feels so good when complete.
Kind of like exercise.
So why on earth is it so hard to get motivated?

Let There Be Light (1)

I love shooting in natural light. But I know there will come a time when I'll need to fully control the light, so I decided to enroll in the Studio Lighting 101 class at the Julia Dean Photography Workshops. Honestly, I took this class because I needed to, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was nice to get everything figured out in advance and not have to keep an eagle eye on my settings like I do when shooting with natural light. This freed me up to fully focus on directing the talent, most of whom were actors, and really tap into their personalities. Having one-on-one shooting time was so much fun and I'm really proud of the images I captured.

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Michael Adrian is an actor, writer, singer, ballroom dancer and model in Hollywood, CA. Michael was born and raised in Stillwater, a small town in Southeastern Minnesota. Only two months after moving to Hollywood, he booked a guest-starring role on the hit series Cold Case. Most recently, he starred opposite Chevy Chase on NBC's smash sitcom Community. He also stars as a series regular in Disney's Rule the Mix as Proto-Jay, the energetic, multiple personality, interactive avatar of the Internet.