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Sometimes words come easy and sometimes they don't.
I look back at my neglected blog and vow to blog more often.
It feels so good when complete.
Kind of like exercise.
So why on earth is it so hard to get motivated?

Woman in White

Last weekend Paris Photo made it's third appearance at Paramount Studios here in Los Angeles. I can't get enough of this venue. And I can't get enough of the people who attend this show. I think it's safe to say I enjoy the people watching a tad more than the show itself. But we'll just keep that between you and I.

Because this is a photography show, I left my big camera at home. I didn't want to be "that guy." And it was a good opportunity to see what my iPhone 6+ was made of. I always have the iPhone camera set to shoot in square format for Instagram. I only post iPhone shots there. Yep, I'm a purist and for me Instagram is all about the "Insta."

One of my favorite exhibits was CALIFORNIA UNEDITED! an exceptional collection of photography from late 19th century California. These rarely-seen glass plate photographs depict the community of San Luis Obispo through the eyes of one photographer, Richard J. Arnold. Shortly after I entered the exhibit I noticed a woman walk in. Every head turned. She was not only beautiful, but angelic. I immediately knew I should photograph her. The way she approached and enjoyed the exhibit was mesmerizing. 

I couldn't have styled this any better if it were a planned shoot. The dress? The hat? The gloves? The delicate magnifier necklace? I was totally captivated by The Woman In White. I honestly don't know if she knew what I was up to, but as you can see, I did get very close to her. If she noticed, she didn't seem to mind. I spoke to her as she was leaving and told her how beautiful she looked that day. I was rewarded with the sweetest smile. Kicking myself for not asking her name. i would love to know her story.