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Sometimes words come easy and sometimes they don't.
I look back at my neglected blog and vow to blog more often.
It feels so good when complete.
Kind of like exercise.
So why on earth is it so hard to get motivated?

39 Weeks

Oh, these two... these two are quite possibly the most creative couple I know. Thy is a hairdresser, wigmaker and milliner. Tadashi is a skater, performer and actor. And together they dabble in artistic collaborations in the visual arts medium with their production company Pity Corp <<< click there to see all kinds of goodness. And click this one to see my personal favorite.

Every time I see these two they have a new project up their sleeves. I'm thinking their latest creation is gonna be a hard one to top, don't ya think? ;-)

2013-11-24_0020 2013-11-24_0021 2013-11-24_0025 2013-11-24_0023 2013-11-25_0001 2013-11-24_0022 2013-11-24_0026 2013-11-24_0027 2013-11-24_0028 2013-11-24_0029 2013-11-24_0030 2013-11-24_0031 2013-11-24_0032 2013-11-24_0033 2013-11-24_0034 2013-11-24_0035 2013-11-24_0037 2013-11-24_0038

Thy and Tad, you two are going to make incredible parents. I'm giddy with excitement for you both and simply cannot wait for little Nöelle to arrive! xo