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Sometimes words come easy and sometimes they don't.
I look back at my neglected blog and vow to blog more often.
It feels so good when complete.
Kind of like exercise.
So why on earth is it so hard to get motivated?

Help-Portrait 2012

hpla-1 hpla-2 hpla-3 hpla-4 hpla-5 hpla-6 hpla-7 hpla-8 hpla-9 hpla-10 hpla-11 hpla-12 hpla-13 hpla-14 hpla-15 hpla-16 hpla-17 hpla-18 hpla-19 hpla-20 hpla-21 hpla-22 hpla-23 hpla-24 hpla-25 hpla-26 hpla-27 hpla-28 hpla-29 hpla-30 hpla-31 hpla-32 hpla-33 hpla-34 hpla-35 hpla-36 hpla "This is about GIVING the pictures, not taking them." The minute I read about Help-Portrait, a worldwide movement using photography to give back to our local community, I knew I had to contribute. I shot behind-the-scenes at two downtown Los Angeles locations this year: The Women's Center and the Union Rescue Mission. It was an unbelievable day of community. So many stories. So many smiles. And as you can see, even some dancing. :D

The complete photoset for each location can be viewed HERE.