Sally Ann Field
photography + design


Sometimes words come easy and sometimes they don't.
I look back at my neglected blog and vow to blog more often.
It feels so good when complete.
Kind of like exercise.
So why on earth is it so hard to get motivated?


stanley-3 stanley-1a stanley-4a stanley-6 stanley-7 stanley-9 stanley-14 stanley-24a stanley-12 stanley-13 stanley-17a stanley-18 stanley-25a stanley-22a stanley-23 I don't believe I have ever witnessed so much energy in such a small package. Kids are quick but puppies are quicker. Four month old Stanley is sweet, smart and obedient. Well… mostly. This little guy has his parental units wrapped around his little finger paw. Like that's a surprise. When I said, "Hey, I'll dog sit anytime!" I was informed I would be added to the lengthy waiting list. I'm thinking these photographs just might get me bumped to the top. ;-)