Rainy Day Dog

Last weekend was a wet one here in Los Angeles. Looks like the rain dances finally worked and this parched state got some much needed precipitation. There were heavy downpours and even some hail. My dog Delilah found her first encounter with thunder and lightening, mighty, mighty frightening.

hail-1 pit-bull-dog-scared-2 Dog under blanket. pit-bull-dog-rain-portrait-4 pit-bull-dog-rain-window-5



I am a visual person. 100%. I’ve never been great at scrapbooking or journaling but have always wished I were.

At the end of 2013 I saw this video. It really moved me. And got me thinking about how fast time flies, how I may be missing some important stuff and how a photograph a day was not out of the question.

I decided to commit on a level that was realistic for me. A snap a day with my iPhone was doable and I wanted to get better at iPhoneography anyway. Win-win? I have been posting each day to my Instagram and am happy to report that 40 plus days into this project I am so happy I committed.

A friend (thanks Nicole!) turned me on to this sweet little app (and it’s free!) that not only reminds me daily, but also makes pretty little monthly calendars like the one I have posted. Below is what my January looked like. Just one glance at these tiny photo squares takes me right back to that moment. I cannot wait to complete a whole year of tiny squares!

Join me? Start anytime that feels right. Just don’t ask me what I had for lunch yesterday, I’ll probably have no idea. Unless I have a picture of it. ;-)


Noëlle at 60 Days

A tiny daughter gives parents a life in a climate of perpetual wonder.
~ Pierre Doucet

You might remember this little one’s Mom and Dad on my blog a few months ago? Or her exciting entrance into the world right before Thanksgiving? Well, here she is 60 days later and brimming with personality.

I asked Mom to describe Noëlle at this age:
“She is cooing up a storm and starting to squeal. She smiles in her sleep and when we look at her. She’s starting to recognize us and miss us. She’s totally obsessed with her mouth and making bubbles. The funniest is when she gets bored, she loves to look out the window, at books, art with patterns or her hands.”

Can I just say… those lips? That hair? And those cheeks? Oh, my!

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